How do I contribute to the timeline?

It's quite simple!

1. Permission

First, you'll need permission to edit the spreadsheet. You can contact me throught one of the chanels listed here.

(alternatively you can comment your suggestions anonymously but you won't see any changes until someone with permission inputs it)

2. Adding a new timeline

New timelines are declared in the first row.
The format is such:
{Character's Name} {Color}
Color must be specified like in CSS.
(default is white)

3. Adding Events

Events are ordered chronologically from top to bottom (the lower, the later), below the first row.
{Description} {Page number}
Page Number will automatically link to the page on It will also attempt to fetch the image/gif. If the page doesn't exist, it will show a placeholder image.

4. Updating

The file is saved automatically but I cannot control how often google refreshes it. That's why sometimes you may have to wait a few minutes before you see your changes on the timeline. If it doesn't show your edits after more than 15 minutes, try refreshing the page with Ctrl+F5 to reload the cache.