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You opne th echat


AT: Oh, be serious, please.

DH: What do you mean?
DH: She cannot continue pretending for all of eternity.

AT: I don't think she is pretending.
AT: Do consider that, we are all obviously stretching the truth.

DH: Indeed all of you are!

AT: You do realise we all belive you are the one who is conjuring up her life?

DH: That's quite peculiar, since I believe you are all conjuring up your lives.

AV: True.
AV: That is what we were trying to say.

DH: And what is Ryan trying to achieve?
DH: do you perhaps intend to elope with Snicker's fiancee?

AV: She is not my fiancee.

AT: Addionally...
AT: I strongly belive you're simply being mischevious.

DH: Only as long as it is entertaining.

AT: Well,
AT: you'd better quit it you pillock.

DH: Oh!

AV: That's ridiculous!

DH: Well...
DH: you'd better quit it yourself, you bumbling mumpsimus!

AT: Alright, let us calm down and seriously consider it...
AT: You do recall the period when she dissappeared for
AT: three months, don't you?

AV: Yes.

AT: I think it would be quite cumbersome not to respond for so long.
AT: Let alone to one's only friends.

AV: We do not know if we are her only friends.

DH: Well I am almost certain we are.
DH: I do realise I'm acting a tad rude.
DH: I apologise.

AT: Nevermind.
AT: What I have said was already hurtful. You've just continued it.

DH: Damnation...
DH: Now I feel terrible.
DH: I hope she is doing okay.


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EF: Greetings fellows!
EF: You will not believe what foul creature I have defeated in battle today!